Resin Anchor RM II Capsule with Threaded Rod FTR


The Fischer mortar cartridge is a system component of the Fischer resin anchor R for fixing in non-cracked concrete. The 2-component resin capsule contains styrene-free, quick-setting vinyl ester resin and hardener

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  • The mortar cartridge can be used with the Fischer anchor rod RG M made of zinc-plated steel, made of stainless steel, and made of highly corrosion-resistant steel.
  • The Fischer anchor rod is set with the composite anchor setting tool through rotating and hitting motions using a hammer drill.
  • The capsule is destroyed during the setting process, which mixes and activates the mortar compound.
  • Steelwork and timber constructions, machines, or stairs in external or internal areas are fixed using the Fischer resin anchor.
  • Pre-portioned quantities are especially cost-effective for individual fixings which reduces installation time and lowers costs.
  • No excess consumption due to pre-portioned quantities.
  • High flexibility: Use with various steel types.
  • Maximum load level or rapid work progress: Choice between standard and intensive cleaning.
  • ETA approval for non-cracked concrete.



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