PU Foam Spray B3


  • Building material class B2.
  • Proven joint soundproofing.
  • Test for watertightness for the adhesion of manhole rings.
  • General building authority test certificate for B2.
  • Foam yield of extruded foam 45 l.


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fischer single-component foam Premium PU 750 for bonding and sealing manhole rings, insulating and filling in roofing work, drywall construction, and joints around window sills. Colour: beige. General building authority test certificate, proven joint soundproofing for B2, and the test for water tightness for the adhesion of manhole rings corresponds to the requirements for a fountain foam. High yield of extruded foam up to 45 l. The fix adapter allows for immediate use and for reuse of opened cans.
  • The reclosable fix adapter allows for immediate use and for the reuse of opened cans, thus guaranteeing long-lasting functionality.
  • The used solid valve prevents adhesion when being stored horizontally and premature gas loss.
  • The rapid installation foam has been approved as watertight by an external inspection and is thus suitable for use in wet conditions. It fulfils the requirements of a well foam.
  • The ergonomic handle sits perfectly in the hand and allows for easy use.




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