Epoxy Mortar FIS EB 390 S


The fischer injection mortar FIS EB is an economical epoxy resin mortar for standard applications in cracked and and non-cracked concrete and for rebar connections. It is suitable for fixing heavy loads both inside and outside. The FIS EB is processed with the approved system components fischer threaded rod FIS A or with reinforcement bars. The FIS EB can be used in dry or wet concrete, but also in water-filled drill holes. This makes the epoxy resin mortar a secure and reliable system even in unfavourable conditions.

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  • FIS EB is approved for rebar connections according to ETA and for use in cracked concrete according to ETA and ICC. The injection mortar achieves a reliable performance in many applications which enables economical use.
  • FIS EB can be used under various installation conditions and is approved for seismic applications, making it a safe system.
  • Variable anchorage depths allow ideal adaptation to the load to be transmitted.




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