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Product Description

Qatar Steel was established in 1974 as the first integrated steel plant in the Arabian Gulf. Commercial Production Commenced in 1978. The Company has operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of industries Qatar since 2003.

Physical Parameters
Sr. No.ItemAcceptance Criteria
1.LENGTH3.8 meter to 12 meter (± 50mm) for 150 x 150mm² section)
6.0 meter to 12 meter (± 50mm) for 130 x 130 mm² section)
2.SECTION150 x 150mm2 or 130 x 130mm2
6.STRAIGHTNESSCamber 5mm/meter
7.BENDINGNot more than 5mm in 1 meter
Not more than 30mm in 6 meter
Not more than 60mm in 12 meter
8.ANGULAR TWISTNot more than 1º / meter and
Not more than 6º over 12 meter length.
9.CUTTINGBoth ends will be Gas Cut
10.IDENTIFICATIONAt the end of each billet cast number will be stamped or written by paint
The billets will be free from surface imperfections which impair the product quality such as longitudinal cracks, transverse cracks, Deep ripple mark, scab & thick scale, slag patches, surface blow holes & Internal quality should be free from harmful defects such as subsurface pinholes, blow hole, pipes, voids, and internal crack.


As Qatar Steel have open casting process, chances of minor surface pinholes is there and it will not impair the product quality.


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