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Product Description

Designed with high-quality solid brass and durable chrome coating . Equipped with hot and cold water flow. Includes sturdy ceramic cartridge. Comes with a warranty of five years.

Ensure long-lasting satisfaction with your fittings by observing the following instructions.

Care Instructions :

Clean the parts regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt and lime-scale.

For daily care. Please use neutral cleaners and water only Use cleaning agents that are specially developed for fittings.

Cleaning sprays should be sprayed onto the cloth used for cleaning. Not directly onto the fitting.

The used dosage of the cleaning agent and the time to work in must be adapted to the level of dirt. Don’t leave the cleaning agent on the fittings longer than necessary.

Rinse the fittings with sufficient water and polish them with a soft cloth.

Do not use:

Abrasive cleaning materials or pads.

Cleaning agents with light, volatile acids such as hydrochloric acid or acetic acid.

Scouring powders or abrasive cleaning fluids.

Cleaning agents containing chlorine bleach.

Please note: Cleaning the fittings after their use helps retain their value .

Please follow these instructions because any damages resulting from improper usage of the fittings are not covered in the warranty.

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