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Product Description

Hamriyah Steel FZC’s product is Reinforcement Steel Bar or Weldable Reinforcement Steel Bar or Rebar. Rebar is a long steel product used exclusively in civil engineering and building projects to provide high strength to concrete

Hamriyah Steel FZC’s product range of 8mm to 40mm rebar that is the complete range of construction market requirement.

Hamriyah Steel

Leading steel manufacturing in UAE, Established by METALLOINVEST . Leading global producer and supplier of HBI and iron ore products, and a regional producer of high quality steel

We at Hamriyah Steel have state of the art facilities and products. For instance, our gas-fired walking beam reheating furnace is exceptionally efficient, safe & reliable. It guarantees uniform reheating of billets on all sides. With burners located on all four sides, it helps to achieve uniform quality across length for all of our products.

In order to enhance mechanical properties of our finished product, we use input billets with bigger cross sectional area like 170x170mm & 150x150mm. These input billets are used across in rolling our entire product range (8mm to 40mm). Moreover, to enhance surface finish on our products we use tungsten carbide ring rolls as well as HSS rolls.

We have the finest bundle storage yard facility to stack our finished products and a SAP system to meticulously track each bundle.

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